5th Workshop on In Situ Visualization


all times are CEST (conversion provided by WolframAlpha)

  • 2:00 pm: Opening remarks

  • 2:05 pm: Andrew Bauer:
    Keynote – In Situ and Time

  • 3:00 pm: J. M. Zavala-Ake , Niclas Jansson, Daniel Mira, and Erwin Laure:
    PAAKAT : an HPC in-situ analysis tool

  • 3:25 pm: Aniello Esposito, and Glendon Holst:
    In Situ Visualization of WRF Data using Universal Data Junction

  • 3:50 pm: break

  • 4:10 pm: David Pugmire, Caitlin Ross, Nicholas Thompson, Berk Geveci, Scott Klasky, and Chuck Atkins:
    Fides: A General Purpose Data Model Library for Streaming Data

  • 4:35 pm: Christian Witzler, Herbert Owen, Miguel Zavala, and Karol Sierociński:
    Including in-situ visualization and analysis in PDI

  • 5:00 pm: Utkarsh Ayachit, Andrew Bauer, Ben Boeckel, Berk Geveci, Ken Moreland, Patrick O’Leary, and Tom Osika:
    Catalyst Revised: Rethinking the ParaView In Situ Analysis and Visualization API

  • 5:25 pm: Burlen Loring, Nicole Marsaglia, David Camp, and E. Wes Bethel:
    The SENSEI Generic In SituInterface’s Use of Ascent as an Endpoint

  • 5:50 pm: closing remarks


  • When: July 2, 2021 2pm - 6pm CEST
  • Where: online event